Svyatogoriye is one of the most amazing places in Ukraine. The beauty and magnificence of temples, harmonious singing of monks, awesome monkery services, ancient caves, wonder-working icons and holy relics touch human souls and fill hearts of the visitors to this holy abode with quiet joy.

Our tight-knit staff also decided to visit Svyatogorsk.

Town Izyum. Town of Izyum is famous due to Peschanskaya Church of Holy Ascension and Bethesda. We walked up to the observation deck on Mount Kremenets where the battle took place, described in the ancient Lay of Igor's Warfare, strolled to the Pantheon of Fame and the alley with World War II military machines. Near Scythian women we made close-up photos.

After that we headed for Svyatogoriye. In the Laura a fascinating walking tour awaited us. It covered historical and architectural reserve and upper park of the monastery. We visited iconic stores and Assumption Cathedral of the Laura. Many thanks to our tour guide for the interesting story about the Laura, its history and destinies of people knitted with it.

But our tour comes to its end. Our way back home is through town of Izyum. It is earliest summer and high season for strawberries. Our coach makes a stop.

Day comes to its end. In town of Chuguyev we say goodbye to our friendly guide who shared with us such a lot during the tour. We wish there were more people like her - so enlightened and pleasant to talk to! 


Svyatogoriye  Svyatogoriye  Svyatogoriye  Svyatogoriye  Svyatogoriye  Svyatogoriye  Svyatogoriye  Svyatogoriye  Svyatogoriye  Svyatogoriye

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