Freeze-Dried Products Packaging

This product range includes the following:

  • instant coffee, cocoa, granulated tea, dry mixes, quick-cooking oatmeal, soups, etc.

Packaging for these products should possess high barrier properties to protect against the negative environmental effects and high seal strength. 


Application and Properties
BOPP transparent + BOPP metallized
- For tea packing;
- Possibility to use shiny design elements;
 - High strength;
 - Ultraviolet, moisture and aroma barrier;
 - High processability.
PET + BOPP metallized + PE
- For dry and dusty products packaging;
- Presentable look, possibility to use shiny design elements;
 - High strength and sealability;
 - High barrier properties (moisture, aroma, UV barrier);
 - High processability.
PET + Al + PE
- For tea and coffee packing;
 - Excellent look, possibility to use metal structure in design elements;
 - High strength, toughness and sealability;
 - High barrier properties (moisture, aroma and gas barrier);
 - High processability;
Paper Laminates 
(paper + PE)
 - For packaging soup,  quick-cooking oatmeal;
 - Traditional look;
 - High strength;
 - Standard barrier properties;
 - High processablity.




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