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Packaging for Oilseed and Dairy Industries, Deep Freezing Products

This product range includes the following:

  • both mayonnaise, margarine, butter, ketchup, liquid spices, ice cream, coated cheese curds, meat semi-finished products, meat dumplings, frozen fruits and vegetables and specialty foods, etc.
                                                               Application and Properties
Laminated foil + PE
- For butter, margarine, ice cream cake packaging;
- Holds shape well;
- High hygiene;
- Barrier, including sunlight barrier;
- High processability.
PET + PE white
- For mayonnaise, ketchup, including doy-pack packaging;
- Holds shape well;
- Preserves service and consumer properties at low temperatures;
- High gas and oil barrier;
- High processability.
PET + Al Foil + PE
- Suitable for hot filling of ketchup, condensed milk, including doy-packs;
- High gloss, holds shape well;
- High strength and sealability, puncture resistance, toughness;
- Highest gas and ultraviolet barrier.
 BOPP transparent or haze + BOPP metallized or white voided film
- For ice cream and sweet cheese packaging;
- Winning look, original color reproduction on haze film;
- Barrier to ultraviolet (metallized).
BOPP transparent (haze) or PET transparent (Haze) + PE
- For deep freezing products packaging: dumplings, ravioli, fruits, vegetables, etc.;
- Presentable look, original color reproduction on a haze film;
- High film and seal strength, resistance to freezing;
- High barrier properties (PET);
- Processability for use on vertical packaging equipment.



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