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Quality Control System

Quality of manufactured products is one of the pillars of our successful and long-term relationships with customers.
Test laboratory is operating at our enterprise to measure physical and mechanical properties of flexible roll materials and quality of the manufactured packaging to meet state standards of Ukraine and the requirements of our customers.

Finished products control is exercised in accordance with regulatory and technical paperwork with quality certificate issuance.

To control various characteristics of materials and finished products, the Laboratory is equipped with top-of-line tools:

  • Device for film tensile strength testing;
  • Tester for selection of appropriate soldering modes;
  • Heat chambers;
  • Electronic scales;
  • Micrometers, etc.

The Laboratory tests the following plastic films parameters:

  • Determination of organoleptic characteristics;
  • Gauge and gauge range;
  • Color and light reflection;
  • Strength and elongation at break;
  • Mutual layers adhesion;
  • Twistability;
  • Sealing, quality and strength of the seal;
  • Packaging resistance to aggressive media.

Semi-finished products control is exercised at each stage of production process:

  • Pre-print original layouts control;
  • Films control for photopolymer printing plates manufacture;
  • Photopolymer printing plates control;
  • Control of semi-finished products manufacture.



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