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This segment contains the following types of packaging solutions:


3 Side Seal or 2 Side Seal Pouches – one of the most popular types of pouches for food products. Due to small weight and low price (in compare with another, more complicated types of packaging), these pouches are suitable for a variety of consumer goods (meat and fish products, snacks, flavoring and spices, semi-finished products, New Years bags etc.).

 These pouches are available with different options:  closable zipper closures, tear notch (for easy open), handles, Euroslots. Product quality is ensured by high-barrier laminates.

 3 Side Seal packs are also good solution for Vacuum sealing.

Stand-Up Pouches are extremely popular due to their multifunction. They can be used both for dry bulk products and for liquid filling goods (sauces, tomato, jams, and also household chemicals, hygiene products etc.). Stand-up pouches perfectly exhibit goods on the shop shelves.

This kind of packaging is usually designed as duplex-, triplex or multilayer films, whereby the material combination is customised to the specific requirements and provide perfect protection and long shelf life. It enables to combine a light weight, flexibility and strength. Due to abovementioned stand-up pouch successfully wins a competition with glassware, plastic and metal cans.

The main advantage - light weight and optimized volume of package - gives cost savings during transportation, stock keeping and handling for end-users.

On request stand-up pouches can be supplied with additional options: handles, fitments, Euroslots, reclosable zipper closures etc.


Flat bottom bags are traditionally used for packaging of coffee and/or tea. This is a pouch with 2 side pleats and square bottom, which create volume shape during filling of bulk products. Due to the bottom availability pouch becomes more steady for easy placing on the shop shelves.

They are also more cost effective in compare with glass and solid plastic packaging.

Pouches with printing for coffee with a back seal can be supplied with special one-way pressure release valves. As packed coffee beans produce CO2 creating a pressure inside the pouch, the valve will release the pressure automatically preventing pouch from burst up. At the same time the valves prevent penetration of O2 inside the pouch. 

T-Seal Pouches  one of the most simple, cost effective and widely used types of packaging. T-seal pouches are easily recognized by the "T" formed by the back seal and the bottom. Pouches production is performed using variety of flexible sealable materials.
T-Seal pouches are widely used for bulk-pack and small peace products (grains, pasta, seeds, nuts, frozen vegetables and fruits etc.).

One of the main features of this type of pouch – convenience for end-consumers. Due to its’ extensional configuration it’s convenient to hold it in hand as any solid container. Pouches producers often use these packs for single servings of coffee and/or tea.

ВОРР transparent or haze + ВОРР transparent 
ВОРР transparent or haze + ВОРР metalized or white voided  
РЕТ transparent + ВОРР transparent or white 
PET transparent + Al + PE transparent  
PET transparent + ВОРР metalized + PE transparent   
PET transparent + PE white
ВОРР haze or transparent + PE white



Application and features

ВОРР transparent

- standard appearance, transparency, gloss;

- strength;
- excellent performance;

- light-resistance while using special inks.

ВОРР white voided

 - white pearlescent appearance, gloss, excellent color transfer;

- strength;
- excellent performance, high speed printability;

- light-resistance while using special inks.

ВОРР metalized

- attractive appearance, possibility of using metalized design details;

- strength;

- excellent performance;

- light-resistance while using special inks.

BOPP transparent + BOPP transparent and white or metalized


- interlayer printing;

- attractive appearance;

- increased strength;

- excellent performance, interlayer inks’ coating enables to avoid mechanical damage of inks layer;

- light-resistance while using special inks.





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