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Requirements to files



A very important stage in the development of a new design is the scheme of a packaging marking in expanded form. All elements must be located in strict accordance with this scheme.



Files are accepted in the CMYK color model, the file should not contain RGB objects. Keep in mind that Black (K in the CMYK color model), which is used in raster printing, may look dark gray. Therefore it is better to use solid black, for example, Black 6 for background solids, barcodes, texts and eye marks.

At the same time we must not forget about the limit on the maximum number of colors. The total number of colors should not exceed 10 colors, including white, varnish, additional black. If the order combines several designs using Pantone (special colors), the total number of inks for all designs should not exceed 10. We recommend using Pantone® Matching System, (PMS).



If the layout elements contain large areas with a color level of less than 5%, it is impossible to maintain a constant surface transfer of this halftone when printing and avoid different shades. Another feature of flexographic printing is the difficulty of obtaining high-quality light raster and saturated solid elements from one form. Sometimes we can offer to spread solid and raster elements in different forms. Printing a smooth color transition to white is not possible in flexographic printing. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the high ink squeezing characteristic of flexographic printing. Taking into account the ink squeezing of 3% raster may look like 7% -15%, the 30% raster may look like 50% -60%, and the 50% raster may look like 70% -85%.


!!! Keep in mind that the same image may look different on different monitors and printers. It is desirable to provide the original layout printed on the printer or a sample of flexographic printing as a color reference.

For all layout sheets prepared by us, we print a paper color proof using the profiles of the printing process.

Keep in mind that the printing process profiles are created only for CMYK elements.

The allowable delta of the color match of the approved original in flexographic printing is much higher than in other printing methods due to the fact that there are more factors that affect color reproduction.



Font size not less than 4 pt for printing in one color on top of the background and not less than 6 pt for reverse lettering not more than in two colors. With a smaller font size, inks may leak. Using a raster in text blocks reduces its readability. All fonts must be converted into curves, in addition in a separate layer - text information, not converted into curves and with the mandatory provision of the fonts used. The presence of text in raster graphics is not allowed.



Line size - not less than 0.5 pt and not less than 0.75 pt for reverse lettering.




Files are accepted in Adobe®, Illustrator®.

Raster images with layer preservation are added separately in PSD, TIFF (for each type of product - a separate file), resolution 300 dpi.

Layouts prepared in Corel Draw® require subsequent conversion to AI or PDF. This significantly increases the probability of distortion of the drawing and the amount of time required for preparation. The use of Corel special effects (lenses, textured fills, transparency, non-standard gradients) is not allowed.



White background is possible only under the elements, the width of which is not less than 0.75 mm, the reverse in the white substrate - not less than 1 mm.


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