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Packaging for Hygiene Products, Household Chemicals

This product range includes the following:

  • wet and dry wipes, personal care hygiene disposables, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, hair dye, detergents, etc.

Packing for this segment should feature certain barrier properties and resistance to aggressive components.


Application and Properties
 PET transparent + Al + PE transparent
- For packaging cleaning, washing, aggressive products;
- Excellent look, possibility to use metal structure in design;
- High strength, toughness and sealability;
 - High barrier properties;
 - High processability.
 PET transparent + BOPP metallized + PET transparent
- For hygiene products packaging;
- Presentable look, possibility to use shiny design elements;
- High strength and sealability;
 - Barrier properties;
 - High processability.
 PET transparent + PE white
- For napkins and handkerchiefs packaging;
 - Excellent look, gloss, high color reproduction;
 - Barrier properties;
 - Cost-effectiveness, processability.
 BOPP haze or transparent + PE white
- For wipes and soap packaging;
- Excellent look thanks to haze film on top;
 - High strength and sealability;
 - Cost-effectiveness, processability.



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